Sunday, 8 May 2011

Chasing my own updates....

Phew! Been running around like a fiend! Starting Thursday, there was the Horvat family shoot and in the evening the same day, barely an ice-cream in between, was the concert in the old downtown Princes' castle, which Inga invited me to. It was truly lovely. I got to take almost as many 'backstage' shots as I would ever want (never much of a main event person), ultimately using the lack of light, ever diminishing, to make blurred, hectic shots I am so fond of... The quartet was adorable - four young musicians whose songs, when time came, boomed through the museum and I would stroll and watch the old pieces in private or read somewhere in the dark behind the door... It felt like all of it - all the ghosts, all those things I've seen a thousand times through childhood and imagined the stories, all music was just for me. Their official photographer and his crew set up gear from a dozen or so cases and would take all the right shots, but I was just where I wanted to be: in the 'in between' :))
        Day after was the park shoot with the three beauts - Anja, Nina and the little Tina. We tied Starbark to the tree which she nearly rooted out as a small rogue Russel was running around her and we took turns playing with make-up and dodging trash projectiles and insults from a gang of drunk teenage girls. We certainly picked the right time and place for it: the city park on a Friday afternoon is littered - literally - littered with drunk, stones, obscene, vulgar and above all, loud schoolkids. There are some glorified park keepers walking about, but they are useless. Those girls bothered us for hours before we finally left for the day to treat ourselves to ice-cream, making my models seem gloriously pissed off on pictures :D
         Saturday I did my best to edit the photos in the morning and then shoveled shit in the afternoon. Again, that is not a metaphor. General wheelbarrowed it downhill on the vineyard slope while I shoveled it on. Needles to say today, on Sunday, I can barely lift my camera. Fuck me but are we fat, old and out of shape :))
        Today I had another family shoot scheduled, but they stood me up, so I read on top of an old watchtower, with the entire city beneath me like a playground. Barky barked at pretty much all passing life-forms, eating some, and then two of my another models arrived, Sanela and Mojca, and we shot some more. Then I shot, just to cool down, the General's nephew, had Sunday lunch and then it began to rain. The week of perfect weather is almost over, which is just as well, as this pace is proving tricky. I am so overwhelmed with the new material upon arrival home, I always just rummage through it and then have to force myself to return to the *old* stuff, which may, or may not bring me a little bit closer to the shiny new toys  :P