Friday, 20 May 2011

My feet beyond blistered, my shoulder pink and burning, neck still stiff like that of a terminator, waaay too much coffee in my blood and I'm running around, as happy as a street dog on a sunny day. There's too much work going on to update everything and we're setting up the gala shoot for tomorrow, preparations revolving mainly around me staring at the box of Mozart Kugeln, contemplating should I spare them for props or just damn devour them for breakfast. It's 4:41 now. I can't sleep and the General has left already also. I'll just watch the ANTop Model some more, before I wake up to full function. Then I'm gonna go clean my new (old) car and hopefully finish the drawing in a hurry, so I won't have to work weekends. So far no news on the book contracts, so I have to focus focus focus on the photies, which continue to bring me bread. If all goes well, the wedding will be in 5 weeks, but who has time to work on that? :p Am looking forward to seeing my friends tomorrow. Somehow, unexpectedly, life is very good these days. I'm blaming the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Drej for Mate Tea ad
 Paski in his element


 Me, extra freckles :p
 My friend's family shoot. Bubbles!