Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Museum shoot

Yesterday we scheduled seven models (Špela, Anja, Sara, Andreja, Dora and Nea - Nea didn't show), two designers - Sibila Stropnik and Nataša Knuplež - two assistants and three sites - starting with the museum, which was painful. The curator woman of the museum first bothered us with a technicality for about twenty minutes out of two hours and visited plenty to sniff and roll her eyes, as if she was checking if we had managed to burn down the house or steal and break anything yet? She truly was a pointless nuisance. When I thanked her for the hospitality of the institution, she dismissed me as if I had asked her for fifty cents and she gave them and now I was thanking her and she just didn't want me to continue stinking up her air.
         The fuss of preparation in the hallway and then all the styling rotations were a mess - a fun mess - but then we moved to the ark and finished it slowly into the afternoon. For the finish, Špela and Rok went into the river (Špela to pose, Rok to swim.) and ten minutes later, we were running home, with a lightning storm pouring down :D


 This photo is someone else's I think? Not sure. But it's cool, so if it is, I'm borrowing it.
 Andreja, the girl in the box...
 The dancer, Sara, in her sister's magical clothes....

Špela. Yeesh. Hot!
Hello. :D An excellent day. Fuckload of material to go through, though. About fifteen different styles, too...... :D