Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The winter is OVER. It's so over it's not even debatable anymore. April is finished, so is my patience with the rain. I have scheduled a portrait photoshoot for Friday, a commissioned photoshoot for Thursday and Gods know what for Saturday, should the weather hold. But that's not half the truth of it. 
       Ze mutt und ich spanziered (I've been watching way too much Inglorious Basterds :p ) to 'Devil's Gorge' - a delightful trek through a split of a northern hillside, tricky enough to break both your legs if you're not respectful. I wanted to see how far I could get with the dog. We got about halfway. She's quite the little goat, but climbing slippery rocks while there's water all around, is tricky. Perish the though she would get her tummy coat all wet :P 
        It was hot, sunny, super green and picturesque and it would have been quite annoying to walk two hours on a pavement, if we were not rescued. :))