Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Shows update

In a hurry: lotsa shows are ending for the season and we're all hoping that summer stuff will be just as entertaining. Hey, there's J.J. Abrams somewhere in there. How boring can it be?

Although very very often the before-last episode is the strongest, some of these are coming down just as hard. The Bones season finale was yummy because of *hkhm*yaaaarrr*hkhm* Vos and that Fever Ray song Keep the Streets Empty For Me, a scene in which a sniper is looming (and man can he ever loom!) over the characters in a city and you don't know who's gonna get it, until finally Nigel does and as he's dying, he says 'Don't make me leave'. Booth later explains to Bones he wasn't saying it to her, he was saying it to God. That was sooooo heavy to watch.

Likewise, House was super gory. The camera was sliiiightly to psyched for my taste and that small Jewish dude's issues aren't doing it for me, but house doing his own surgery (AND keeping the leg in the end), on top of some bitch fighting between chase and Thirteen and some cool Cuddy moments, that was a powerful episode. wouldn't want to see all that again...

The Game of Thrones, though not a finalle, deserves a mention, because it has to be said about a show that can still make you feel glad you're in a sofa and not *there*. That brestfeeding throne scene is dist-tur-bing, y'all. Ewww! I surely hope that boob was prostetic, otherwise that boy will be freaked for life. And never have I felt so troubled for anyone as I did for Tyrion. Catelyn is now his only ally. The man is in a super nasty cell. Though, granted, they do offer an easy was... off...

There's a drop there. There is.
            The Killing, though, is not worth the mention. It's becomming messy, like flaining around, let's-throw-everything-into-a-slow-blender messy. :/