Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The General's nephew's something something religious something was quite a feast... I ate way too much and eventually passed out on a blanky behind the house, with the cool summer wind caressing me and crickets cricketing on the meadow around me... The the General and his son started playing soccer above me and woke me. It was a marvelous day, a good practice for taking photos of family feasts. And I probably gained another five pounds... :P Also, I was so angry at one of the teenage bitches, I didn't retouch her in the group photo. Vengeance is sweet   >.<
          I surrendered two commissions in a hurry, getting the money I needed for taxes and also selected the cloth for the wedding dress. Coffee color sheik :p yay :D I should probably write and equip the test article any day now... I am close. I just need to make it perfection.