Friday, 20 May 2011

One of those funny, nothing-special-and-still-incredibly-good days. I slept twice during the day, then we drove around, I painted and edited shots, I took pictures of farm animals :D We drove to my folks', played with the dogs. Stupid mutt Starbark stole a tenis ball from the rottweiler and tried to burry it :D Rokstar climbed into a tree and was like a bird in a nest :))
          The museum shoot tomorrow... I don't suppose it's the best idea to feel jealous of your own models while you're the photographer, shooting them, thinking, I'm so old and fat and they're so young and skinny.... Probably not how it goes :P  I'm suck a twat :P

 I open the door and this is what's outside... Yummy! (I mean the cake!)
 The waaaalk in the paaark... :D

 I mean, seriously, come ON!?!!