Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Another dumb disaster in a night club. Has there EVER been a nightclub, bar the ones on tops of buildings, that weren't deathtraps?? Okay, so I can't think of more than two architects that I wouldn't run away from screaming, but being once married to one, does make you slightly paranoid about death trap architecture. The ex would often translate building to me, those very beautiful and those that he refused to go into, and why. It got me to thinking ... Such a vast number of buildings appear to have deadly bottle necks in case of panic. And such odd escape routes. Today, as I was standing in line and there was a building plan in front of me, which I studied in boredom, I figured - what if all these buildings are actually really safe. I mean, constructed really safe. But they just aren't explained. What if there are hundreds of discrete doors in cases of emergency, but aren't marked? Whose poor job is it then? 
           And also, how the heck do you get out of ANY tall building in this town, in case of fire in a stairwell?
           I swear, I'm gonna start walking around with a hammer and a rope again.