Monday, 7 January 2013

I have written and re-written the "You've taken my Collins out of the equation. You've taken my passion. Can you imagine what my life is like now?" scene between Cole and Kay in The Gorgonaut for about the twenty-fifth time. It didn't start as such an important scene, but it has gotten very important. It's the dialogue about not feeling anything that actually gets Foukrou choosing his next victim - the pinnacle point of the last chapter. I'm thinking this is hence the pinnacle scene of the whole second chapter. "Broken, Cole," says Kay to her former body-guard. "But life can play on without the heart. The Brain tells me this for certain every day."
             The entry is actually really sad, as Kay admits to not feeling anything, even towards the man she's been pursuing as a polestar (her last polestar), the General. But I think, even as she says this, admitting it out loud, she begins to get better. Course she doesn't realise it 'till it's a little late. 
          Question ... When someone, who has had their heart broken, is willing to die to save someone, is that an act of (com)passion or they're just looking for an excellent excuse to finally die? Death/death-defying-act, in this case, being their only actual substance.

      .. Ah, Gorgi, Gorgi. At times I feel you're happy twisting my psyche into a pretzel, making me screw myself.