Friday, 18 January 2013

Sick puppy :(

Eh, back from the vet. I am very glad to have my husband. Everything seems so much more positive, when he is near me. When the dog is looking at me with those "I'm hurting, please help me!" eyes and I have no idea what to do and no money to just take a cab and go to the doggie clinic, my first thought is always 'Just get to the general. General will know what to do.' Also, General has many very good friends. One of his close hunting buddies also has a very good doggie clinic. And there we were, driving though the snowy night, sick puppy in the carrier. I have no idea what happened next, because I hid as soon as the mutt started crying from pain. Something was obstructing her pooper or something. Dunno. I know she's been vomiting and having the runs for three days, so the odds were she a) had a bone fragment stuck in her colon b) had a ball of cloth rags stuck in her tummy c) has the whole intestine full of chewed up branch parts, d) she ate a ton of snow and e) all of the above. Dunno. I just know today was the only day in three years she was behaving very obediently and she's never since the day we brought her, refused food. I knew then we were in trouble.

Two hours, lots of shots and some polite fisting later, she's back home, stoned like a willow, bandaged in pink-with-hearts-on bandages and napping in her kennel. I am afraid to give her a blankie, as she might eat it. She still seems in pain and we still have no idea if we got (well, the doctor. I was hiding outside.)  it all out, but I certainly feel a lot more accomplished. Am always amazed at how emotional I actually am. There were times when my heart simply wouldn't compute. Today I was crying like a little bitch. I'm plenty girly and emotional. And truly and deeply in love with my crazy dog. 

If I was of suspicious sort, I would think she pulled this sort of a stunt just so that we would have to spend all our money on her operation and not on purchasing another puppy. Seriously. What are the odds that in three years she's sick for the first time on the same weekend we were planning on going to see the second puppy?