Monday, 28 January 2013

Ice queens shoot backstage

Couple of backstage snapshots. Needles to say, it was frigging freezing. I was aiming for aerial clarity and sunshine and the later inevitably means a lot lower temperatures than if it were overcast. I'm not even gonna say what the actual temperatures were. :)) But the models were troopers and I think the reason why I brought a hot water sac, dressed in a torro, became very quickly very apparent.

The team was:
Maya Kerin - hair
Martina Hladin - bodypaint and MUA
Tinka Teršek - MUA and logistics
Apolonija Koštomaj

The models were:
and another lovely lady whose name escaped and is being pursued... Vesna, I believe.

Location and "the kremschnitten" were by my mum and dad. Snow was by God. Thank you, God. I needed that. Also thanks to the dogs for not eating anyone and to Tina Maze for keeping my parents glued to the television for the duration of the shoot. 
The back-up team, dressed to the gills :)) Hair-dresser Maya, body-painter Martina and Tinka, who also now acts fully as a shoot coordinator and shiny-thingy wrangler.

This tuaren-like thingie was actually really really warm. And hence super popular.

The hair-mistress Maya is soon leaving us for greener pastures, so her precision work is constantly re-touched and re-retouched. She is whatever is more accurate than a perfectionist :))

Just when you think things couldn't possibly be any worse...

This expression that the models has is called "What the f** are they talking about, can't they see I'm turning to a statue here?!"

The moment the shoot was done, the model was dressed, given the hot-torro and taken indoors to thaw. No model was injured during this shoot.

I keep wanting to shoot the models without makeup, but am always so desperate to start making them up, I always forget. This was done post-festum, the lovely Anita.