Friday, 11 January 2013

Few more pickies of the MUA Book shoot

... Few more pickies of the pumpkins. Dunno why, I am getting so fond of tiny people. Mayhap because then they make me feel tall? :)) Anyhoo, as said before - The brunette is called Tjaša, the red is Andreja. Martina Hladin did the MUA on Andreja; Tina Teršek did the one on Tjaša while she's in the pink dress and I did the one when she's in the brown dress and Maya Kerin did the hair on the lo, until we messed it up after she left for they clay workshop :)) The kinky jewelry belongs to Nea Likar (I should think she's made most of it, too.) We shot at Martina's place. Ate all the chocolate. Thank you again for the shoot, bees, I was cheered up immensely during. (It's winter. Photodepressed era.)