Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Yesh, Gods, I am so in love with my husband. The things he does! I'm still laughing. We got home from his work (I walk over to him at the end of each of his shifts, so we get an extra half hour together) and while I was taking off my shoes, he went forth to the rooms and got comfortable. Then he declared the cat was in the room and did some damage. He said this very seriously, so it made me worry I actually forgot to close the room door properly. As it happens, the only real damage sustained was that of my pancakes plate - which was now empty and full of cat paw prints, left in caramel. I like 'Prometheus pancakes' lately - done with apricot jam, coffee icecream and caramel syrup. And indeed. The evidence the cat ate all the pancakes was apparent. Paw print everywhere!
           For a grown man to take an effort to hide his sweettoth crime (I left them for him anyways) and then have such a serious face and voice about it... And not to mention each of the paws were flawlessly impressed! Of course upon closer inspection every single impressio had a little bit of his fingerprint in it, but that's irrelevant details. I could kiss this man a million times, just for the silly details he brings into my winter. 
            That's why this post is short. I'm off to kiss somebody.