Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ice Queens Part 1.

I'll get to the part of who is who and who's done whom :)) But a long neat nap first :)) Okay. Here goes.

Drej. Hair by Maya Kerin (and I lot of persuasion to put white on it from my part, but, as usual, it was worth it :)) Makeup by Tina Teršek. Clothes are Drej's own.
Nuša, Maya's sister. Hair by Maya Kerin, MUA by Martina Hladin. The scarf is mine, I think.
Anita. Hair by Maya Kerin (who winced, when she saw me pulling the hood on, eheh), MUA by Martina Hladin. Another one of my scarves and Anita's own coat.
Anja; hair by Maya Kerin, MUA by Tinka Teršek. She's in Drej's coat and wearing my "Snufkin" scarf. This is a wonderful hat in fact, that I knitted with all my heart when it was minus seventeen and I had to work outdoors on a fair. Fun times.
Jerica. Hair by Maya Kerin (and snow falling from trees), MUA by moi and she's wearing the infamous "Red King's belt buckle" pendant and an impro dress around her shoulders. I love the stray lock. That stray lock was driving the hair-mistress nuts thorough the shoot.
I forget this lovely lady's name, but Maya Kerin did her hair and I did the makeup. She's wearing an impro dress.
The gorgeous Aleksandra, wearing THAT coat. Snow was falling on both, her and the camera :)) Gotsta sayz, Mark shoots flawlessly, even in minus fifteen.