Monday, 28 April 2014


I heard about this challenge thingie - not that you have to be happy 100 days in a row, because I couldn't do that, purposefully and I do get moments of complete sadness out of the blue every month at least once..), but in fact you gotsta find one absolutely happy thought per day at least.

I'll post some here and then some other somewhere else... (Gotta love sentences like these :D )

Okay. First happy thought.

1. Running with Drej and the beasties in the morning.
  b) Micro literary workshop
  c) reading
  d) writing
  e) kissing before falling asleep
2. Spending the day with a once-was friend
  b) Watching the new episode of GoT, hoping it will be good and it is
  c) S. Stan in Winter Soldier
3. Walking down a long, secluded forest path with the General and the fern is juicy and fresh
  b) summer storm