Wednesday, 30 April 2014


.. The cleansing syrup is starting to make me sick, so I'll only insist on another day or two of it, then slowly start to lean into normal food again, presumably with juiced veggies and mild soups... By now my sense of smell has grown ridiculously acute and my appetite... well, let's just say that (although not really ever feeling hungry), I have regained my passion for sustenance so thoroughly, I am starting to hallucinate courses of my favorites. Salivation is almost funny and my dreams. Not so funny. I am at the point where I would cut off a finger for a Belgian waffle.
     The oddest thing is that making people food or watching them eat is actually helpful and helps me get over the desire. Too weird :))

Here are some old pickies of eggies for Easter and a pie mum made that day :)