Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Working on a blind bard tale, Greek tragedy –style:

Story of King Phaedra
The Pagans fall through a crack in procedure and temporarily find themselves in a land they neither recognise nor are particularly welcomed in. They are brought before King Phaedra, a young and rich but sadistic regent, who allows them to explain they mean no harm and just want to get home, however, sensing they are powerful and could pose a threat, he orders them removed. A fight ensues and Paper is stabbed in her right eye, while the General blinds Phaedra completely with a whip. Lord Morphei catches up to remedy his error, saving the Pagans and bringing them home and (unaware the eye was a prosthetic), fixes Paper's right eye back. As Paper lost her actual eye a few years back while on rim planet Horses, getting in the middle of a confrontation between Gennonsuke and his former employers, she now regains her perfect vision. For them, things go back to normal.
King Phaedra, blinded and overwhelmed by his sudden invalid state, orders his troops to look for the assailants and, after there is no trace left of them, goes into deep grievance and depression. He is dethroned (by people who, oddly enough, care about him) and walks around, ever more despondent and defeated. At some point he is wandering in the streets and a small beggar child helps him with a trivial problem. This depresses him further still, to the point where he asks the child to guide him out of the capitol and into the land in search of someone who could give him some answers. The two set on a journey and spend a lot of time pretty much lost, dealing with everyday and self-searching issues. Gradually poets, philosophers and petty mages build enough of a legend around them for the king of stories Morpheus to notice them. They reach an enclave where Morphei hunts and strike a bargain, where a child is allowed to grow up into a happy man (Phaedra wants him to become the next king, but the kid wouldn't really be happy, so they just make him a baker. »When you have all the choices and you choose to become a baker, you are going to be a happy one indeed.) and Phaedra is allowed to see through his bandages, though only if someone is dreaming about the location. To ensure the only thing standing between his character and him being a total arsehole aren't a pair of seeing eyes, Morphei sets him to walk across the desert, ultimately running into the Pagans again. (General is trying to have tea and manly conversation with Vinnie Rommel outside Tobruk and Paper is picking a fight with the German.)