Sunday, 6 April 2014

I'm thinking - the reason I am having such a hard time writing a new novel, is because creating a powerful new character is like starting a love affair and I am not really very good with short term relationships. Guys from underneath Zurnizip have been with me for over a decade and I intend to keep them around further still.. I've only ever dated two men in real life, both of whom I married, with a handful of physical encounters in the early college years I hardly remember now. They seemed interesting at the time, just can't remember why. You have to believe in your own people, especially if you conjure them out of nothing, thin air and thick ink, but you can't really do that for just one book. I think. Not unless you ant them to haunt you for the rest of your writing seasons.

Like any good addict, come second week of my abstinence, I am bombarded by temptation left, right and center. No longer physically suffering for the lack of caffeine, I now just really, really need it. Low cloud pressure, after-lunch lazyness, long work hours... Come on. I need it. Just one. Just one would make all the difference! To make matters worse, the world seems to be littered with coffee.. Coffee commercials everywhere! Cafes! Everywhere!... O.o