Thursday, 10 April 2014

Museum update

Spent the morning roaming about the medieval town in cool company.  The guide was bribed with lunch. Which really was a good bargain, as we started off with breakfast at his place and later ate at Blaž's »Catastrophe« place, and the weather was idyllic by then, so I was in a perfect mood, despite still no coffee. O.o Going steady, 29 days to go.
It’s overwhelming what they did with the new locations of our many excellent museums (considering the people who work there, you’d think it was gonna be a lot worse, but it really is quite wonderful): at first the only principal museum was in the old palace, with the original castle-later-barracks-later a mess being slowly, really slowly reconstructed. But now it’s so well done, I didn’t even see it coming. I had no idea they plan to expand all the collections and add ethnographic permanent exhibit in the palace. Anyways, there is SO MUCH stuff now, so much stuff I haven’t seen or read before, there was no way we could have combed through it all in four hours. But regardless, it was an ideal set: between the three of us we know just enough each to keep the discussion going, comparing theories and official data – and having constantly to combat guide’s mocumentaries: he tends to offer completely unrealistic information in such a serious tone, half your brain fights really hard to believe him. The Counts of Cilli, which was the core of our field trip, are becoming more and more popular and researched so lots of new stuff about them is coming onto panels and plaques. There is also the always amazing Roman street under-city expo and one of the temporary shows displays weapons from a gladius-like little one-hander to stuff that revolvers later came to be. 
Supposedly this is what the Nobles street looked like... once upon a time. It looked good.

Romans. They used just about anything for building blocks. Including the previous administration propaganda.

The other side of the main road: cemetery land.

So cute :D Men's lavatories for all sizes :D

The original window form.

The tiny knight and her squire :D

Bring it.

Simmulation of the scriptorium - in real life the quill wouldn't really look that posh.

Doesn't really mean much if you were a prince once - in the end your sins turn into a small town museum exhibit.

Anybody who is anybody ...


An almost gladius! I love gladiee!

What will some day become a Magnum.

Erika, the tiny typewriter for a tiny traveling writer lady.

Be really careful how you judge strangers - a sad little old lady with odd hair may as well be one of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

Mould for a really posh cake.