Friday, 11 April 2014

Upcoming Fargo series and Billy Bob Thornton

I was just thinking.. With the televised Fargo coming up, something I am fairly excited about, I looked back into my personal history and thought about Billy Bob Thornton. Before we had Daryl, the hottest redneck in Georgia, we kind of had Billy Bob. For a little while, before he started acting like a complete fucking moron, this man was unusually interesting to follow. I didn't realise this, but the first time I ever saw him, was in Stone's U Turn. He was impossibly disgusting in this film and did inspire a couple of stories, the most memorable of them being my "Living in an old theatre" setting.

The movie that I actually DID notice him in, and then some, was Sling Blade. (Which he also directed.)

For a little while, this film, to me, was overwhelming and I would watch it several times every year, blow away by the sheer simplicity of the performance and the honesty of one man's terrible, terrible life. (Which, sort of luckily for him, he doesn't completely comprehend.)

Next movies like Armageddon came out, in which he looked and sounded good.

Then a couple of weird ones I didn't see.
And now Fargo. I am very curious to learn if keeping his private life down a notch (he was one of those people who, acting retarded to prove you're a celebrity, didn't quite reward.) has gotten back his acting quality.