Thursday, 24 April 2014

Living languages

Last night I went to two literary events (would post pickies, but still no Photoshop and I am kind of like a horse without a shoe without it :/ ), one regarding publications and publishing and libraries in general and the other was a per-launch of a new edition of a famous book about the Counts of Cilli. Drej edited and updated the new version, so I was in on the procedure almost as much as I would want to be in the middle of these things. These books are amazing and I am really glad people more competent than me are seeing them redone.

Today we talked about the language in this country and i didn't know, but I am glad this is how it's done, every time new dictionaries and grammar rules are published, certain words are added and certain are removed. I feel bad for the words that prove to be out of use, but am happy that there are people who monitor and analyze these things. Kind of wich I knew which of the words have died recently.. I'd fit them a neat little graveyard...

Mental note.