Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New comp :)

After eons of struggle, I finally got the new machine, something with adequate graphic capabilities and, well, not completely full of shit that accumulates in innocent PCs over decades... Hard to believe this monster will some day be as old and obsolete and slow and noisy and filthy with useless, uninvited programs as the last one was until now.. It just makes everything seem new. Also, of course, I had to now try and remember all my old passwords and all the programs I otherwise used daily, I just wasn't thinking about it. (Evernote and the like...) The biggest problem at the moment are all of my Adobes. I used to have the Masters Collection from when I bough the camera... Now gone, baby, gone. Also, I forgot some of the files I was working on right late last night.. 

My new book is, interestingly enough, going really well. I am almost through Doves, a chapter in which the subject of kids/heirs is first introduced. Because somehow every subject seems to revolve around kids in the entire book (must be some icky subconscious thing working in me, because it honestly hasn't been my intention), I have to find some other interesting über leitmotif to top this one. In Doves, the first story of the second chapter, Kay takes a break from the dream realm to lick her wounds and to find a Snufkin-like boy to trick him into signing over real estate paperwork to Real World folk... Because I intend for every story to have a) mythical parallel and b) some sort of moral, one way or another streaming into hubris, once the frame for Doves is done, I will make it even more realistic or in another way stress the contrast between the damage Kay does to tales and the damage she is capable of doing to actual people. Change, the worst enemy of poets and the bastard child of history, needs to solidify in these early drafts. But like I said. It's going surprisingly well. 

The coffee abstinence ends on my dad's birthday, May 5th.. I've eaten so much junk these past few weeks, though, that i first need a thorough cleansing diet, because I can just feel greasy garbage getting stuck in my veins... And then a proper weight-loosing diet, so I can fit into my spring clothes again. Surprisingly, Drej and I opened our jogging season today and unlike last year, when I though I would die after a few meters, this was semi-pro from the get go. The lungs are fine, the calves are fine, even the knees are okay. Ankles will be a problem for a little while, because I am fairly fat and have very small feet and tend to run flappidy flap on the lot of my soles.. But okay. Nothing that can't change in a nice month's work.

I had something else I wanted to talk about, but forgot.. Catch ya laters, bitches.