Saturday, 12 April 2014

Winter Soldier

Watched Winter Soldier, am sick on popcorn, 'twas date night. It was okay, a good movie, very well done, great action, plenty of wreckage and bullets, good lines, I just didn't get particularly inspired about it. It didn't have that extra push that sometimes gets to me, makes me wanna do stuff, create stuff. Write.

It made me think about golems, though; monsters with missions, unable to stop. Like Terminator was a golem in a sense. It made me wonder, how can it be that when some evil shithead needs soldiers to mindlessly execute his orders, never questioning their or his validity - one never really has much trouble finding any number of people, ready to be that. Humans really are witless dicks when it comes to violence. Half seem to be always half ready to shoot others in their heads.

And of course, feeling like the makers read Gorgonaut, the Bucky character is awfully similar to that of Seti. He's an outdated, in need of guidance/allegiance war machine, needs his brain electrocuted periodically, every time he starts remembering things, he lives for conflict, he allows himself to be used over and over again. Preferring not to take responsibility. He's very important, but only ever a shadow. And also, he cannot put a stopper on love, which continues to confuse him. And has long hair and nice teeth. He also reminded me a little bit of Nuada Silverhand, Gaelic myth, a young old folk warrior with a silver prosthetic arm.
Funny how a hero saving the day is nowhere near as cathartic as the villain saving the day.