Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hazy hike :)

Took another hike, somewhat to try and find out why do my feet hurt so stupidly after I walk a moderate pace for a couple of hours and second to cover some of the mileage I failed to the other day.. It wasn't sunny this time, but I did put a lot of sunblock on, causing my skin to feel trapped and sweating awfully. I don't usually sweat, not if there's nothing pressing against me (like backpack straps, etc..), but I did today. All the while it was uncomfortable to have such dense skin. On the plus side, not a single sunburn. So, win some, lose...
      Lyra was a sport, again, keeping me company the whole while... I can never tell if she loves or hates these trips. The plan was to start while it was still dark, ascend Celjska Koča, cross Svetina and descend again to Kompole, where I would walk east-bound towards Šentjur and G would come pick me up on his way home from the hunt. I started a bit late, at 5, so it was already dawning, because it just feels awesome to be walking around so early and then when you're already on the peak of your route, it's only just 6 and daybreak... There were plenty of paths I felt like taking meanwhile, another string of magnificent valleys on mild altitude... but the air way so hazy I could barely make out where the heck I was. No worries. I found some really odd, very old castle remains - renovated into a small church and a lonely tower, now a belfry. Prežin, I think. Really oddly, mysteriously quaint little location. We had a pit stop, ate some crackers, drank some water and I did my nails with a lovely beige brown nail polish. Don't ask me why i had the urge to do my nails in the middle of a mountain hike. I just felt like being a girl and writing spontaneous poetry has never been my thing really.
     Once we got back to the valley, joining the river and the rail-o-track, I have already switched hiking shoes to flippy floppies, because my feet were just killing me. Honestly, I could go any distance with the rest of the body - it wasn't even 10 yet, the air was cool and comfortable, but the feet were just... not having it. Is it because I am old and fat? Or just not used to it? Or what was it? I want that fixed. I miss my ability to walk forever. There are so many routes yet to see where they lead!

A cute part of the hike was when we ran into a horseman and Lyra was quite careful about barking at it. I mean, she barked, but she wasn't sure it was a good idea to draw attention to a giant mammoth she's never seen before. :D