Friday, 4 July 2014

Things I try to no longer eat

The worst thing about starting to live and eat healthy is - it's really hard to go back to your old lifestyle. I "sinned" with a piece of chocolate the other day and it was so damn disgustingly sweet my tongue got numb. I used to eat those by buckets. Suddenly certain things no longer hold any appeal at all..

This is what I've stopped eating. Not strictly, simply gradually. Probably more will follow.

- White bread. Or most of bread altogether. I eat some, sometimes, but never as food. As side-dish.
- Meat. Though I force myself sometimes to eat it, I don't miss it at all. I blame this on Loving Hut. 80% of the meat I do eat is chicken or turkey.
- Processed meat, like hot dogs. I used to love them. Now they kind of freak me out. (It's not the shape). I love sausages, but they have to come from pigs I've personally met.
- Salt. Since I stopped salting my food, everything tastes amazing. Of course there's lots of salt in food regardless.
- Lard - it actually makes me use the potty, if I eat lard fried stuff. So I don't. Nor oil, if I can help it.
- Sugar. This is only recently, but oh gods how oddly untasty overly sweetened things have suddenly gotten!
- Potatoes. I eat them sometimes, but usually only when others prepare food for us.
- Zero alcohol, as I have never drank it. Or cigarettes or drugs. One coffee a day.
- Pastry made with white flour. I blame this on you, Tinka. Damn your fresh cakes. !! Every other cake now just seems like a forced mess of margarine, sugar and carbs!
- Far less milk from actual cows. I used to drink A LOT of milk.
- Less rice. Less fruit.
- No soda drinks.
- And keeping it really, really low on the carbon footprint.

It anyone told me 10 years ago I'll become a healthy food freak, I'd mock them. That's mostly because I grew up in a household where everything was 100% naturally produced and I didn't realize sugar is actually a conspiracy. I KNOW some day I will die very healthy from some really stupid accident, but if I can help it, my poor little General will live because of my strict food regime for a long time afterwards :D