Saturday, 5 July 2014

So sleepy I'm dizzy, but so much niceness going on. I mean, it wasn't a day special in any regard what so ever, just very nice. I helped stack hay at the G's parents' farm, which is ridiculous amount of menial labor, in combo with ugly patches of sunburn on my neck and arms and calves. I got stung with TWO bees, i think for the first in time in either ever or the last 30 years - once in the shoulder and instantly in the ankle.. But I put onion slices to it, so the poison was sucked out instantly and there's no mark at all left to prove it. We had a nice break with the other farm ladies, chatting about old hay-stacking customs and bell-ringing and going around the village with a basket to collect material donation for the winter... Which put me right back in my button-salesgirl mood again... 
Nea lent me a vintage birdcage, awesome in appearances and loads better in practicality than cardboard boxes, although I am not sure how much Karma will appreciate it, considering she is more of a fan of enclosed spaces... I made her a nest of tissue paper and wrapped a scarf around the cage, so she doesn't make the poor judgment of putting her head through the bars, choking herself now... Unintentionally, I also found a good way to practice her balancing skills and wing usage - by stretching a ribbon across the cage, so she has to try and sit on it, while it wiggles. I'm thinking another day or two or three and she'll be able to eat on her own, we'll buy her vitamins and take her out to try and fly on her own. We'll start slow, not as Azog in my sexy story would put it: "Building kites is like building character - at some point you simply need to push that bitch off a cliff." :D

Drawing now, dozing off, happy and in love.
My elder brother's birthday is tomorrow, I think. I know Niko's is today. And Frida Kahlo's.