Thursday, 3 July 2014

Road trip :D ... well, trek :D

Overshot this ever so slightly, but my ambition to go check out where that pretty road from the Roman Spa leads to finally came to conclusion today: Rok, Lyra and I trekked it from the train station and over several hill tops - until finally we were unable to move 28 clicks later and General had to come rescue us :D Which was always plan B. We were somewhat ill prepared for a trek of that magnitude (the total would have been about 40 kilometers), having brought no food, so naturally our energy ran out, and having not the best footwear for lengthily walks. Five miles, sure. Twenty, not so much.  Towards the end, we got lost and had to backtrack, which drained us, physically and morally. It was three PM. Time to call Mordor to come to us, not the other way around. But our tiny flask of water kept being re-filled by the nice people on farms we met, Lyra behaved amazingly well, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and I am not sure what happened afterwards, because I fell asleep in the car. I did cheat on my no-sugar-Ramadan, very sorry, but the only food we did have contained it. I took lots of pickies, we found schroomies, we found several really nice villages... I'm posting some stuff, will post some later. Passing out again in the meanwhile.