Sunday, 20 July 2014

Some Silly FB inner monologue :))

I am only as smart as the books I read.

Well, okay, I am imaginative, passionate and inquisitive by nature and I do poke my nose into everything that throws a shadow and some things that don't, but when it comes to being practical, I am only so because of books. I'm no scientist. The medicine or food I can make from things I find in nature are because of books. Unless they're tasty. Then I just mix everything together and put it on bread or under whipped cream. I've had some practice with beagles that you don't find in books. Hitchhiking trains, too. Also, sex positions. They come natural to me. Makes KamaSutra kind of boring, really. And love letters.. I write good love letters. And...

Aw, fuck it. Books are smart and I am smart and we're the bestetest of friends. :D


It really isn't easy, writing a mystery crime story. I never start with: the hotel manager's son will be the murderer, because he has PTSD and thinks he's killing enemy enforcers. I'm more like: okay, so there are murders happening in this hotel resort and the faster and more I write, more clues to whom is doing this I will have... Hm, who could it be? Will it become clear in the next chapter? I probably SHOULD know, I'm the author!