Sunday, 6 July 2014

Buttons mania

As per always, watching/reading Hobbit, I am these days completely obsessed with buttons. This is an ongoing fascination of mine, originating in some deep seeded desire to be a traveling button-sales-girl... Which in my mind is like a bard, minus the singing and playing instruments. I have turned the house upside down, looking for any old boxes or jars with buttons, but still I am not satisfied... I want this, I need this, I yearn for this... It is not going away fast enough. I'm ready to rob a bank, just so that I could go into a hobby store and buy them all... O.o

... Because of course if I ask General for money to buy some, he drags me to our storage room and points out other things I have been obsessing about, exactly up until the point when i acquired them.. Say - the street lamp bulb. Or a bike.