Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Second day, no sugar

I'm really surprised how much sugar is forced into our daily diets! I can't find ANYTHING I normally eat, free of it. It's in my fucking insta coffee. I can get an insta decaf and I can get an insta sugar free cappuccino - but is there an insta sugar free decaf? NO. It's in bread. It's in fruit. It's in every milk I like - soy, rice AND barley. It's in every drink except water, in sauces and I don't even dare check if it's in nuts, because then I'll just lose it. 
I have never worried about diabetics before, I do now. How do you find nutrition lacking short-chain, soluble carbohydrates??

And here's the kicker: I'm starting to notice it missing for my usual dietary rampage. The body knows something isn't as it should be. I imagine if I tried to avoid salt, it would just kill me?


Tina Teršek said...

Just to tell you...in raw cake that you have been eaten last afternoon...there was no sugar in it...just dates and banana...you are allowed to eat that, yes? :D

Pix said...

Fuck that, I'm moving in with you for the next month. If you'll be my cook, I'll be young slave :D I can sing, too!

Tina Teršek said...

hahaha, I will keep my promise...soon :)