Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Buttonsalesgirl costume

Paper's costume for Orc infested lands. There are a few bits missing, like her leather hooded coat for rainy days, the blankie and the staff... She retains the Caffeine molecule pendant and her hiking shoes... Note the gauntlet-bracelets, which are half chains that indicate she is in fact someone's (someone's in particular's, actually) property and simultaneously a shied in case she needs to fight-fight her way out of a conversation.I've started writing the Azog/Garosh-like character on a 10-day leave from his gruesome scheming and the two take a hike, literally, along a shoreline, first running into pirates, thugs, cursed ruins and a murder, which they ultimately solve, but mainly being asked to travel back in time to change the tide on an event which shaped the land in what it was... whether or not this will be a cautionary tale, in which they do everything right to no change at all in the long run, or they do everything wrong and it turns out to work just fine.. not sure. Am reading "Unfinished Tales" by the big guy Tolkien, which remind me so much of my 'hasty notes' pages, i'm totally hooked. They also redeem Gandalf smewhat. It can't be easy to be someone who is or thinks he is all that stands between a complete and utter shitstorm and a Queen of Gondor.