Tuesday, 18 April 2017

10 years younger, thinner and - short hair days!

Awwwww, found this old photo - pardon the ghastly photoshop attempt, it seems I was using some kind of pedestrian program and needed to erase the background - from my postmaiden days!! I used a kitchen knife to cut my then hair, because it got in the way of my helmet ... And yes, I was ten years younger, thinner and a lot more ... nosey (my nose is actually a lot smaller) then, what I really really miss is the evolution of having your hair grow long. For sure, having the long hair I wear now is certainly hot, but ... G has greenlit my visit to a dresser - he insists a pro does it, properly, but other than that he finally allows me to get rid of the mane. Here I also had the winter brown colour. Yay!!