Tuesday, 4 April 2017

This poster has me interested, although I doubt I'll enjoy the story, even of it's dystopian critical value - I cannot abide American politics screaming end of the world like they've EVER actually seen what a dictatorship looks like; I cannot abide Christian fundamentalists or finding strength in being a fanatic and hoping some fakey spook in the sky will save you - or damn you, whichever his dick swings when it suits him - and I don't really watch things with Joseph Fiennes in them. It took me a little while to figure out why in ‘Silence’ expressing apotheoses is a big deal when someone is torturing you: it’s because in Christian circles you’re SUPPOSED to suffer start to finish. Well, fuck that at daily double.  

They're setting the whole thing up like being a concubine is the worst thing ever. Here we have a good example of people knowing a squeaking nothing about history or other cultures. There was a time when being a priestess or being a concubine was the best thing that could possibly happen to a pretty, healthy girl. Same as being a priest or a soldier was the best that could happen to a boy: food came every day, you had a place to sleep, bathrooms, you had respect and protection, you belonged to something and once in a while you saw some action. 

Compared to the alternative - be a farmer or starve (or be a politician until a rival kills you) - these things were not considered the worse thing ever. But of course for an American "freedom", "sexual purity" and "political backfire" is the worst ever. You better pray.

Plus I fucking hate victimhood. People screaming 'no, please don't, please don't!..' You are an apex predator species for fuck's sakes. Where are you fangs?

.. Off to the library to check it out now.