Friday, 28 April 2017

... so, you're only supposed to have sex very quietly in pitch black dark or does the whole world get to watch you give a blow job to your husband while you two are watching a boring movie?...

... How about copyrights to the movie? Or to an original thesis? Or tests? ... Ye. It's bad.

Watched The Circle. (Reading the book, so ... wreening* it, so to say.)It's about some super pretty (godFUCKING awfully bad) child actress taking over a leading world company from under Tom Hanks in two months by suggesting democracy should be enforced and privacy is the root of all evil. Then John Boyega (love it how they changed the char's name from Russian to french, 'cause, you know, communism) who lives in the sewer shows up and says: "Yes, costumer service girl who came on to me during a party and has since betrayed my moral code every time to get ahead and filmed her parents having sex for views, I will show private emails of my business partners to students who couldn't do their tax return yet alone comprehend the management of a hyper-company." And then she becomes their leader.

Ye. It's THAT bad. 

For a nation who will ever think communism is a dirty word, they certainly love to have their thinking done for them, don't you, little cultists?

She is so very smart she takes an unmarked boat out in the middle of a bay shipping lane in the middle of the night, in fog.
*watching and reading the same thing atm