Monday, 24 April 2017

Training wheels soon coming off ...

I'm getting better at this shit :D Today I rode uphill .. well, okay, not so much rode as pushed the bike, but it's the principle of the thing ... as my stamina in nowhere near that of a bike rider and neither my legs, my hands, my bum or my heart can handle the slightest bit of an incline. Purple in the face and sweating, I get off, rest, bike a bit, get off, rest ... But, to the top I got and then helped around the vineyard a bit, watching over mum as she manoeuvred the lawnmower around the neat level area. I rode down without pause, VERY slowly, then cut across the city to buy some hobby clay in turquoise to try and make myself an ancient-looking pipe.
G's workplace is on the other side of the industrial area, looking awesome in twilight - all those factories fully lit, smoke and steam billowing, great wood processing yards watering the wood, lots of rail-o-tracks, sleeping car yards smelling of car spray, an old gypsy circus storage yard, an occasional cat on the prowl, some slow, small dark rivers crawling through ... Magical ride, really.