Saturday, 15 April 2017

The General finally fixed the new lawnmower dad got, so, in the spirit of loving how freshly cut lawn smells, I rode that bitch up and down the 45' angle estate until my arms were ready to fall off :D (It's not as easy as it looks. Those things were made for neat, artificial and FLAT gardens, not vineyards.) 
      In the meanwhile, mum and sis were playing a quiz game, them G and I joined and for about an hour - longest family time since I can remember this year - and so sis read random questions and in five seconds we tried to get the answers. Since mum is remarkably good at modern sports and G is good at politics, I am marginally fun at geography, biology and trivia. Mostly, though, I have no idea and just blurt something out :D If I AM certain of an answer, sis clicks the opposite and usually gets the points. Then makes a cynical comment which had us all bending over laughing. 
      Good times.