Saturday, 22 April 2017

The test bike-ride was so cool!

Testing the combo -> new bike -> plus Lyrosaurus Rex ... proved a success! At first we just walked a little, she alongside the bike, then we tried riding a little, Lyra running. Problems occur when she either breaks to sniff, pee or eat something, or, worse yet, when she starts charging. Since I haven't been on a bike in a decade and wasn't a particularly ninja-like rider even before that, my balance is terrible and i am constantly on the verge of being knocked aside - either by slippery rocks or grassy edges of the path or sudden steps in the trek. Since my butt isn't used to the seat (my poor labia...), most of the weight is on my hands (poor wrists), so - front -, so when I hit a root or somesuch, instead of simply sitting steady and using the wheel as it's supposed to be used, I panic and tilt. A noob tactic, obviously. I'll get better.

That said, once far enough out of the city, far enough from other people, once I put her off the leash, she immediately understood "Behind me" and simply intuitively jogged (we were going extremely slowly) a couple of feet as my shadow. We thus made 20 km today. It's not so little for the first day and for the tiny mutt. On the way back she was so tired I simply stopped leashing her when other people passed and she ignored them completely, didn't bark once, didn't even m ind other bikers passing us. It was adorable. She's passed out now and I'm recreating my wrists by typing. The day has been glorious so far. Not a single nose broken, knock on jinx.

Summer adventures, he we come!