Sunday, 16 April 2017

Walked off hill in the rain today – there was a promise of coffee ice-cream and company of a beautiful woman at the end of descend – wearing none of rain gear, not even shoes. (G drove and took all the bags with him, as getting my canvas bag wet wouldn’t be as recommended.) Both family meals – early breakfast and late lunch were lovely, and although I didn’t eat as much as I can, ham, eggs and horseradish can be awfully heavy and I needed some air. I borrowed dad’s woolly cap and vest, so as to keep my head and torso warm, and not much else. We’re approaching that time of the season when I love having my innards warm, but my skin cold. I sleep more and more often completely exposed as well. Plus, knowing I’ll be able to change clothes as soon as I get home, made it less a real sport than a game. The hill roads were empty, no cars or people, with an enchanting timelessness to them, that made me wish I had a walking staff and a bindle of blessed ham and eggs in it. :D