Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Offed to watch popcorn. I mean Fate of the Furious 18.

Though this wasn't exactly Prometheus, I do have some questions. Like, how did the submarine get from the dry dock into the water? Why did the two guys escaping from it close the hatch - wouldn't it just sink if they just left it open? That was a fast icebreaker-sub! Why were they showing Gatling shells during a Ripsaw canon firing? How didn't the guy with the small penis freeze to death falling into a Siberian lake? Where were all the cops during the New York zombie-car chase? Good thing Dom doesn't have hair, or it would get singed when a nuclear sub exploded next to him ... less so if he laid down ... and probably during the Havana chase, too. Wasn't that NATO's Akula sub, which doesn't carry nukes? Do in America really ALL doors just open when the power runs out? Shouldn't there be some sort of a backup generator, like they have it in hospitals, to kick in within a microsecond? Most of these places the power is hardly ever in. Why would a chopper (miraculously still working) fly into an EMP range?
And most importantly, HOW did a Volkswagen Passat from 2003 have enough computer inside it to keep up with the other remotely hijacked cars? Seriously? 

Fuckers murdered a Bentley :(