Thursday, 6 April 2017

Harlots - even less street-smarts than a sense of humour

Tried watching a new Tv show "Harlots", but didn't like it. Normally it'd be right up my alley: poverty, whores, costumes, drama, strong women roles, screwing, ambition and intrigue ... Alas, this is such depressing shit, such 'girls having problem with boys', 'women being nasty to one another' and 'at the end we are all victims of society', it just completely turned me off. After the first ten minutes, which I'm keeping because they were adorable, it's just misery and bullshit. I like my whores as I like my soldiers - if you're gonna be in the biz, have some adventures for fuck's sakes. Not every fuck's a rape. All of these women act like they've just been sold to slavery this last week. ZERO sexy. It starts off on a cute enough note, but soon become Spartacus for housewives. And I don't know what happened to Samantha Morton, but the is holding back so awfully she's hard to watch. Like she's ashamed of having gotten old or something. She could be wild and she's not, she a tame dandelion weed on the sidewalk of the gutters. Even her glorious older daughter soon becomes a depressing, emotional victim no amount of horrid make-up can save. 
I'm gonna go watch Sakuran to wash the bad taste away. That at least is a neat film about the exact same subject.