Friday, 6 November 2009

6 days to till exhibition opening

I just spent an hour changing templates for this blog - tired of blue-love-cats, missing the basic, I settled for welcome-autumn, because it's cure and it has a nice layout :) Day before I spent about 11 hours making invitations for the exhibition opening, checking my throat every hour so that I don't end up like that character from the latest Grey's Anatomy. Room was quite sooty and I inhaled more than a little smoke from burning seal wax, but I seem to be still alive and not hallucinating quite so much as expected :p Making 14o of them just for good measure, I ended up mailing them and if they fail to arrive this morning, I'll parcel somebody. My poor fingertips :S

I have to make four designs this weekend - three for the sock company and one for the museum, which has been waiting for me for ages... Piček wouldn't mind if I took on more projects - as some may actually pay off :)) - but everybody wants everything done NOW, missing the fact that good art takes a little bit of seasoning. :S

Work it, girl, work it!

But on a related subject, I got my computer back!! And not only that - two of my wishlist items came along with it - The Adobes!! YAY!!

Not that I can draw a single line with any of them at the moment, but i spent my whole dream-time learning. It's kind of weird, learning to use Live Color bucket within Adobe while dreaming YOU are the screen... Thank you, Klemen.