Friday, 6 November 2009

Off for some hotdogs..

I love this time of the day in my street... It's somewhat even better in winter, as in summer it's already fully bright by 5. Just before 7am, freezing twilight, torrents of school-children rolling down the street from the train station.. I put on my mega parka and skip across the curve to get some bread for the day, while early birds sit in front of the cafe, wrapped in blankets, smoking and drinking their fast evaporating coffees. A garbage truck maneuvers and delivery trucks make improper turns, as traffic is not dense enough yet for the road to be serving it's purpose; just a couple of sleepy cards of folk driving their kids to school. Vans are bringing fresh flowers to the florist, dairy products to the grocer's, some joggers and doggie walkers suffer through.. It's probably the most dynamic part of the day - without being noisy - and everything is in grayish silver tones.  Wish I had a camera, but this should do :)