Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I think I may be getting my period. (Can never tell as my bleeds have little to do with my hormone floods - for a while i didn't mark the little ladies' calendar by how mch I leak but how much I fight wioth Piček and it's usually around these days..) I'm awfully mody, even by my otherwise hyped artistic prima donna standards. Got a new coat and some new satin linens for my bed, but it didn't really cheer me up as much as new things usually would. Grandma continues to put heavy emotional loads on me and I try to be Switzerland, but there are so many feelings to consider. It's probably not a coincidence Piček is working late these few days - cold, lonely office evenings aren't as stressfull as me, complaining over old magazines lying around and how I suddenly hate washing dishes and how I demand he tells me I don't look fat. Poor man. No amount of adult wisdom can spare you from a woman when she's having her period.

Computer's in repair shop, fickle bitch, hopefully having the Adobe uploaded, so I'm cotting on Piček's. The stockings factory came through, they ordered three drawings and I am full of ideas... too many, I think. What is customary for an author - to just do something and push the contractors into liking it, or making a few sketches and asking for approval of some? I prefer the later, though i am becoming confidant enough for the former, too..

Gimme a few days, I'll show you what I mean :p