Monday, 16 November 2009

Mondays, mondays

Still a little bit stunned from the exhibition opening (it was like losing virginity, really, minus the nose bleeds and nobody wanting to talk about it afterwards :p) Bottom line, cannot really paint on yet. What I'm doing instead is manically downloading eBooks. If all goes well, I will be able to order Kindle in two days. Where the fuck is my accountant, though??

Dragged Piček to see 2012, as it wouldn't make sense NOT to see it on a huge screen. I loved it for the booming effects (Woody Harrelson was excellent, too!) and was perfectly ready to continue the retarded family drama with my own tale of a survivor, going out to look for more people and establish more resurrection units (though of course I am perfectly aware very soon there would be a shortage of medicine and humans are all too happy to turn into idiots when opportunity presents itself.) Piček nipped it in the bud, though, he hated the movie. He always has these comments, like "This is not how you would roast a man" or "This is not how you slash someone's neck open" or "This is not how propulsion within a pyroclastic cloud works"... The man has zero sense of fantastic bullshit. I don't think he's read a single fiction book in his life.

He's taken his black winter jacket out of the closet and is doing his Arnold Vosloo thing again. Matter of days before he thinks he's the second coming of Pik Van Cleaf and bullies his postmen again. Gods he's delicious and of course I am skipping around him with my ridiculous orange and turqouise cap and moronic happy grin, busting his image into smithereens.

Okay. I'm off to ravish him :D I'll post some latest pickies tomorrow :p