Wednesday, 25 November 2009

For the first time in a very long time I got sick last night. My head started to spin and wobble and my tummy turned (just in case the plastic bag is still by the bed). It wasn't just a passing whimsy either, but it was over by morning. These spells haven't bothered me in ages and I still don't know what brings them on. I eat chocolate and drink coke every night, so that wasn't that; I wasn't using any out-of-the-ordinary pigments that could prove toxic.. The weather, maybe? Ah, well, we're all getting old :p But I got to read in bed (!!!! :D ) and WOULD be reading a little bit more this morning, if I didn't realize the screen doesn't automatically illuminate... Or does it and I haven't figured it out yet. The dark grayish non-contrasted screen is wonderful, though, really easy on the eyes. And I love the screensaver images it displays automatically.

I have another commission for the travel agency and (though I am a day behind with my socks work), so I purchased a couple of more items for Kindle, even though I really shouldn't - but I kind of really need them :D The leather case for it, a nice minimalistic skin and the little reading light. Mostly all of it in white. I disagree with some folk who claim everything mechanical should be black. It's a manly thing. I like things white. Except maybe the thing that Zaphod Beeblebrox steals from that noisy concert scene... that's black on black with black buttons. I don't remember what it's called... But wait, I have a Kindle now, I can download and read all Douglas books anywhere anytime! Mwuuahahahahahah!!


Okay, I'm nuts. I know. ;p

PS Gods, Piček is so lovely when he sleeps. I love the way he moves his hands and hides his thumbs into his fists or stretches them way out when turning. I could watch that man sleep for hours. But I have a Kindle, so I read instead :p