Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Exhibition put-up

Mum offered we make cookies for the opening. I was just going to buy the best chocolates, but the both combined can't hurt - nothing lures innocent victims in like sugar :D

Man, I haven't been this beat in ages - last night was too much to do this blog, sorry... besides, I can't show up at my parent's place at 7. They'd think me a bit anxious :p But hey, back to yesterday, I got my first free meal from the gallery folk - a pink (well, yellow) slip to a pizza place WITH drinks for three people :D Go us! :D

Must say it was the first good pizza I had in a decade. I don't eat them normally, I opt for gnocchi when in Italian restaurants, but this one was not half bad.

Okay, so about the putting-up 6 hours... Am SO grateful Piček and my mum were there to aid me... I mean, I'd do it, but it would look a lot different and the janitor guy wouldn't be half as helpful, so it would take, oh, four times as long...  See, while I generally don't like people and never trust them as a rule, he seemed friendly enough - only later did Piček, the sleepless sheriff, mention that every time the gallery owner came in to socialize with us and my mum turned out to be, well, someone who's been in the exhibits opening business since she was 16, the janitor brought helpfulness up a notch. It's all the same to me. Four people worked hard and it was done almost to the last dot. I am glad I brought my mum along - although retired, she was so happy, running around with an unlit cigarette in one hand and a tape measurer in the other, ordering us to hang stuff EXACTLY 120 cm above ground - registered view level - and to make sure one painting draws the attention to another, inviting it to continue the narrative of the exhibition as a whole... Yikes! I just love to put stuff up! (And I did and the other two kept taking stuff off.' Neat and clean is not my style. I like things messy and curious :D

Of course.. I managed to get one of the new card designs stuck in between two glass panels BEFORE I had them scanned and ready for printers.. Well done, acorn.