Monday, 23 November 2009

    "Wake up! It's 6 o'clock, you'll be late for work!"
    "Oh! All-right!.... Er... Uh, where do I work?"

<-- dialogue between Piček on the phone and the just woken up me. I had a dream the army wanted to reinstate me, so temporarily I was confused about which job exactly am I being late to. hey, even Tyler Durden had nightmares about his day job! :p

Ih, yesterday was a lovely day. I suppose Sundays are lovelier by design. Piček finally managed to push his rogue to the finish line (I had a screen shot, but I lost it :S) and we just doodled a little with his lock a bit, helping me with the Pilgrim's Bounty first day of seasonal a bit; and I was painting with pastels, watching the first day of 24.. We had lunch with my folk uphill, where I took the 'Princesses' book to show my parents and the toddler, and we all discussed what the technique may be.. We had mum's mega yummy mushroom and potato soup with cream, dad's roast and alongside baked potato and a delightful creamy desert with my latest favorite pistachio ice-cream. All that would have been perfect (even with a stale Coke - my mum has no sense of a fresh Coke and she tends to pour them all together into one bottle where she finds them :S Eww..) if suddenly we weren't told to go work a bit in the vineyard. My brother's family sorted through some wood and Piček and I dragged the fascis of cut grapevine branches down to the woods line for a bonfire when a windless day comes. The day was windy, but it was sunny and warm and full of that strange pale sunlight that shines in near-winter days. The grasses are tiny, the leaves have left the trees and now serve for the dogs to push through and love it. Piček and I tussled in bed so much yesterday, I have muscle ache in my tummy from laughing today. Twice the pain from laughing was so great I nearly choked. Which is a truly unjust tactic - he knows very well I can't fight while laughing, I have no strength! So he always makes me laugh first and then overpowers me. Sneakiness of men! :p

Indeed, a lovely, lovely day.