Sunday, 8 November 2009

Well, I did lock him out of the house, but I did also take a thermos of tea and an extra jacket to him, which I suppose was nice. You can't really pull too much real estate drama on the likes of us - we're too free spirited to be put off by a closed door. He made me go back inside from the rain and then wanted me to move away, so that he could leave again, which I refused him for about an hour. Course he wasn't trying too hard, his attempts to move me were more embraces, but then again if I thought he might really leave I'd have locked the main lock and then he would really have to fight me.

It's okay. He's asleep now. We didn't talk at all, but he's learning how to be a drama queen from the best, though, truth be told, he has a lot to learn. Sitting in the car, in the cold, all day? Please. I was at that stage when I was 11.

The art of it is, neither gives in to forgiving the other and yet neither makes anything worse. I am arriving at mastering the art of lover's quarrels.

Mental note: I hid the gate key in the fridge. He does, after all, have to go to work tomorrow.