Friday, 13 November 2009

Exhibition opening

Yikes! I am STILL completely drained of energy and I've slept for almost 7 hours! 

This was SO much fun!

(Haven't got the pickies yet, can't get my eyes to focus properly, as I OD on make-up :p)

This was so cool. I am completely hooked - I want more! More people, bigger show, more food and more chatter although I was dizzy from trying to talk to everyone at once. I've never been in this kind of spotlight before, so everyone shaking my hand and congratulating and complimenting me was kind of surreal, but people kind of glowed while talking about my art and I could tell they liked it. Even the old grumpy of my elder brother found a few he loved - and my younger of the two older brothers was cross because I don't include him enough - he tried to sell me some ambitions, but was too stoned to make sense, so need to call him again to check what exactly did he have in mind. LoL, he tried to convince Piček that Piček is stoned as well and that must have looked like a Jack Sparrow convincing Commodore Norrington (in the first movie) to go to a fun house with him. hahaha.

I think mostly everyone was very happy. My parents and Piček's parents finally met - dad instantly banding together in vivid agricultural debates and I was forced to do an interview for the TV! Really, they tricked me, otherwise I'd hide :D But I kind of think it went really cool. Though I didn't know this is how I look - like a villain in an opera show. LOL

Aw.. man. I so want more of this. Lights and opinions and people stealing my pens and greeting cards and little kids playing flutes (good choice! I wouldn't have thought of that. Everyone thinks I love kids to draw like this; I hate to break it to them I have the Oscar Wilde syndrome regarding the subject.)

We earned enough for one nice meal and although he was already completely drained, I kind of made Piček go to have dinner with me out and I had some very very cool gnocchi and gorgonzola pasta. It was an excellent closure of the day. 

And now it's a new day :D