Thursday, 26 November 2009

The bitchy come-back dialogue #49:

          (Piček is watching an old western on a dubbed Austrian channel.) I ask:" Do you know german enough to know what is going on?"
          "Well - when they're shooting at eachother, I'm guessing it means there's not much love between them."
          "Hah, and WE are not shooting at one another - what does THAT tell you?"
          "You don't have your PMS?"

Having the afternoon shift this week, it means Piček can snuggle with me every morning and we watch TV or I read and he has to have his knees up, because I don't wanna watch what's on TV. He likes this show about some 'survivor' guy, some nutty bloke that put himself into hostile enviromnent (Like the jungle, or Soho) and tries to survive in it. NOT pleasant show. Good tips, too. But he was going on about this time, how he heard of a guy who fell asleep in the jungle and his arm hung off the shelter bed and when he woke up, he found it kind of numb. Turns out, a boa constrictor already swallowed the arm up to the sholuder and was already digesting the fingers. It's a myth, obviously, but COME on!? Too much imagery!!
         Piček asked how I feel about having a pet snake. I said I don't like things to be in terrariums and I like to cuddle stuff, I don't like them cold. He said snakes aren't cold. Well, said I, they are room temperature, which in our case means they'd get as far as impersonating a log in the middle of our room. We could play baseball with it.

In other news, my brother scheduled a 'business meeting', as he called me a couple of days ago, announcing I should invest in poster blow-ups of my work and that he is going to arrange another exhibition for me in a shore city. Dubious at best, I tried to explain I have no money to begin another project which will surely NOT pay off, and he was very aggressive about it. It's his way. I don't take him too seriously. He has great connections and excellent ambitions and at the age of 4o, he still has his mother pay his bills.
             The evil mastermind that Piček can be, however, led the conversation into making my brother suggest he himself covers all the expenses, organizes and puts up everything, then distributes and mayhap profits from the project, paying me back the 5o%. That way we get the publicity and money, if it works out, without putting anything in. Fine by me. I offered the connection to bro a year ago, but it wasn't until the exhibition last week that he realized I CAN be profitable. Just as long as he doesn't put me in the gallery with 'young artists' who call themselves disliked and misunderstood because they fingerpaint cleaver-stabbed vaginas.